Solar panels help to harness the energy of the sun and cut down on our electricity bills in a big way. For decades, the human race has delayed acknowledging the real power of Sun but the present age energy crisis has made us acutely aware of the difficulty ahead. Naturally, we have risen from our slumber and doing all that we possibly can in this aspect. The high numbers of such panels being placed on residential roofs is proof of the above statement.

It is befitting that we have recognized the potency of Sun and are fast devising means to cancel the deficit of energy.How To Make Solar Panels

These panels are assemblies of solar cells or photovoltaic cells and if you want to learn about diy solar panels then keep reading. Light packets are made up of photons and this has given the cells the name – photovoltaic cells. The panels can be used in arrays as parts of the photovoltaic whole for the purpose of electricity generation.

It holds true for both the commercial and the residential structures. With the help of a battery and an inverter, solar panels create a complete photovoltaic system.

If you are one who believes that energy generation falls within the domain of engineers, you will be surprised to hear of solar panel construction. While professionals can perform a better job, you can set the panels yourself and push in a commendable effort for sure.

As the first step towards how to make solar panels, you need to find out whether you wish to mount the panel on a fixed rack or a solar tracker. Fixed racks are known for holding the panels at a particular angle in a specific location while the sun makes its movement across the sky. Solar trackers make the job a little more intricate and are also vulnerable to larger wear and tear; however, they allow you to procure the energy at a cheaper price by enhancing the energy claimed per panel.

A properly functional solar panel can be constructed in about 36 hours. Your most imperative requirement for the purpose is solar cells. However, if you are already taken aback by its price, it is important to suggest that the old and rusty, wounded and battered cells also make the cut – now can’t you find them for a very cheap price? Next, you need to purchase plywood that can help the weight of solar cells. Of course, this is not a difficult job to complete.

Use of tin tabbing wire is considered quintessential. After all, they offer bi-fold aid. They join the broken cells and also fix in the cells in neat arrays for constructing the panel. Silicone glue helps best in sticking the cells over the plywood.

It never hurts to try some soldering if the glue fails to provide the needed strength. As an aside, you can also use UV protector of one kind or other to counter the excruciatingly burning rays of sun on given days. If you can take care of the above parcels, you will most likely come up with champion equipment for channeling solar energy in your home.

More detailed steps coming soon!